Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fight Scenes: Light Sabers

What is the Force?

Isn’t it weird how these sorcerers of arcane powers settle their disputes usually with fencing? Sure it’s fun to watch, but isn’t it weird.

We already discussed how the telekinetic powers introduced in The Empire Strikes Back are more of a genetic aberration than the true power of the Force. The Force everyone can tap into is a trust in the guidance of the universe, following the path meant for you. (Han Solo, for instance, can not lift rocks with the power of his mind, but he can wield a light saber, and he can fire a pistol while his eyes are blinded, yell “trust me!”, and hit every shot he needs to.)

Why are Jedi so focused on laser fencing then?

There are many ways you could do combat that are about manipulating the world around you. (And we often see Dark Side users try to interfere with a duel by Force-throwing objects, or shooting their lightning beams.) But a light saber duel is about letting yourself be guided.

The first introduction we get to “how to use a light saber” really is “Luke wearing a blind helmet while a bot shoots at him, and he has to deflect it.” Jedi don’t stop a blaster shot by creating some shield that deflects it. They subconsciously let their body and sword go to the position where it deflects the shot. They basically ask destiny “where should my sword be”, and then put their sword there, trusting in destiny to keep them safe.

Someone who has superior “Force” has a deeper connection with destiny, and is more willing to trust its suggestions, and so becomes a better duelist. The Jedi with more Force, wins.

Every light saber fight that comes to mind right now is won by the Force user who is more willing to trust the universe. Against the Luke of Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader never stood a chance.

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