Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Accountant: Instareview

This was the best superhero movie all year.

It's basically the above comic, as a movie. Ben Affleck is portrayed as some sort of alien whose superpower is autism, which he uses both to solve financial crimes and shoot bad guys.

The sort of autism-supremacism can get slightly annoying, but it's fairly similar to how the X-men treated mutant superheroes as a metaphor for the sexual revolution in the 60's.

In the meantime, the commentary on father figures, the villain with a lower-class affect and performative morality, and the Oracle like sidekick are all great. Affleck plays a better Batman in this than he does in Batman vs Superman.

The trailer was disappointed though, in that it emphasized a lot of the weird super-ordery aesthetics that autistics can become obsessed with, but that carried over to little of the film. In the one scene they did emphasize this, there was a very interesting connection to how the autistic needs his visual stimuli perfectly ordered... and the director needs his imagery perfectly framed, both of which come off as artificial and obsessively detailed. A movie that compared the aesthetic prickliness of both autism and the director of the movie, could be really interesting.

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